Manufacturing Engineer

Develops and implements optimal, cost-effective manufacturing processes and methods in accordance with product specifications and quality standards. Recommends and implements improvements to production processes, methods and controls. Coordinates manufacturing launch for new or revised products. Priorities include process improvement, problem resolution, project management and employee training.

Essential Functions
1. Performs research, design and development of manufacturing processes, including production flow, assembly methods and production equipment.
2. Prepares and maintains detailed layouts of buildings and equipment.
3. Coordinates the manufacturing launch of new/revised products, including establishing goals, training team members and evaluating results.
4. Designs, develops, tests or sources and cost-justifies various tools, machinery and equipment for recommended manufacturing methods.
5. Performs product/process analysis for cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency improvement.
6. Represents manufacturing on cross-functional teams.
7. Performs other related duties as assigned.
Required Skills
1. Technical capacity
2. Strategic thinking
3. Presentation skills
4. Problem solving/analysis
5. Communication proficiency
6. Teamwork orientation
Required Education and Experience
1. Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or related field.
2. 5-7+ years of experience in a manufacturing environment

Don't Be Fooled

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